Inspired Touch Massage



I graduated from Cortiva Institute in Pinellas County Florida, one of the best well rounded massage schools in the area. 

We learned a number of different modalities and clocked 750 hours in the classroom, while the state requirement at the time was 500 hours. 

What will your massage be like? 

It will focus on what your body needs.

Meaning, you may start with a certain intention for your session, however as areas are being worked on you may realize your body is guiding to have work done on a seemingly unrelated area and that’s where the focus will go next. 

Keep in mind that you as the client are always in complete control of the session. 

The goal is for you to feel better once you leave the table, that won’t always happen right away and you may immediately feel sore and stiff, however with a little time and plenty of water you should feel a difference the next day or so. 

I look forward to assisting in your healing soon.